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Release Date: 15/12/2023
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Embark on a rhythmic journey with our latest vinyl release, F4E006 from Frieds 4 Ever. This 180-gram vinyl features two tracks recorded at 45 RPM, each a unique exploration into the heart of African musical traditions. On the A side, lose yourself in the enchanting beats of “Touareg.” Inspired by the nomadic Tuareg people, this track weaves a tapestry of tribal rhythms and modern sounds, capturing the spirit of the African desert. Let the music carry you across the sands with its hypnotic groove. Flipping to the B side, discover the pulsating rhythms of “Afreekah.” This track takes you deep into the heart of the continent, blending traditional influences with contemporary flair. Immerse yourself in the vibrant sounds of Africa as “Afreekah” unfolds, echoing the diverse musical landscapes of the continent. F4E006 is more than a record; it’s an exploration of cultural richness through music. Limited in its release, this vinyl promises a premium auditory experience, where the weight of each beat is felt in the depth of the 180-gram vinyl. Spin it, feel it, and let the rhythms of Africa resonate through your speakers.