Keymono,House Master Flash – Piano Jams & Acid Leaks EP


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Shortly after the thrilling bombs he dropped on Funky Shirts Records, Keymono undertook a new series of experiments resulting in the exhilarating and unapologetic “Piano Jams & Acid Leaks EP”, a powerful reaction of keyboards, synthesised chemicals and solid 4-on-the-floor beats. From vivacious house flavours to deep, soulful vibrations, this all-rounder marks the embarkment in a vigorous adventure carried by the newborn label Monocturne.

In this first issue:
– A1 will cause immediate physical sensations as well as a giggly and animated mood.
– A2 will deliver stimulative, energising cerebral and body effects with proven medicinal properties known for treating dance anxiety.
– B1, an unknown crossing intended for subtle head high, will provide both functional relaxation and a late-night buzz.
– B2 is a mentally uplifting hybrid which will rapidly spread to your inner soul while causing turbulent vibrations on your hips and feet.