Buika x Kiko Navarro – El Silencio (Transparent Viny)


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Release Date: 09/02/2024
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Issued on his crescive Afroterraneo imprint, Kiko Navarro reunites with longtime collaborator and friend, Latin-Grammy award winning vocalist Buika, for new single ‘El Silencio’.

First meeting back in 1997 on their native island of Mallorca, Navarro and Buika most recently worked together for the heart-rending Latin House song ‘Lo Siento’, one of the highlights of Navarro’s 2017 album ‘Everything Happens For a Reason’, as well the 2006’s ‘Soñando Contigo’ on Pacha Recordings, which remains an enduring classic.

Originally written in 2010 but never released at that time, ‘El Silencio’ comes complete with a brand new club version, for which Buika has recorded fresh vocals. When the pair returned to the studio in September 2023, it was as if they’d never been apart. “It was like the time didn’t really pass” says Kiko. “We have this connection that doesn’t go anywhere. We know each other so well, and we know what we want. Working with her has brought me many good things, and I’m so excited to share the new music we’ve made together with the World.”

‘El Silencio’ (‘The Silence’) is a slinky, mid tempo groover with subtle jazz-funk touches, accompanying a universal song about love. “It’s about a couple who have loved each other through hard times, and a desire to be together still. There’s a message of hope here, saying ‘let’s try’. No drama, no anger, just love” says Kiko.